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User Behavior

Using advanced machine learning techniques, this analysis provides valuable insights by examining user behavior and preferences across various dimensions such as browser type, location and device. This analysis helps identify which user characteristics most significantly impact conversions, enabling more targeted and effective marketing strategies.

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Creative Analysis

Harnessing Advanced Algorithms for Clear Insights

Conversions Spotlight

Navigates through data intricacies to highlight principal drivers of your conversions, serving as a spotlight on the most influential segments of your data.

Customized Reporting

Allows users to gauge the impact of selected dimensions when creating a report, targeting specific metrics, and providing in-depth insights upon selection.

Advanced ML Analysis

Leverages cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to identify pivotal factors affecting your KPIs.

Data-driven Importance Calculation

Quantifies the significance of identified factors on your KPIs, ensuring decisions are rooted in empirical evidence.

Why is it a game changer for businesses?

Imagine you manage an e-commerce platform that aims to increase sales. User Behvior analysis enables optimisation of marketing strategies to reach the right audience by identifying key factors such as specific devices or browsers. This means you can tailor your ad campaigns to higher converting devices and browsers and use your ad spend more wisely.

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