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Configuration Control

Configuration Control, scans your Google Ads, Meta, and Google Analytics accounts to spot any mistakes or wrong setups. Its primary role is to ensure that everything is correctly configured, preventing potential errors that could affect your campaigns' performance. In this analysis, we check the events going to Meta pixel, Google Ads pixel, and Analytics across different platforms.

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Creative Analysis

Maximize Your Digital ROI: Ensure Every Campaign Configuration is Spot-On

Deep Scanning:

This tool delves into the intricate details of your account setups, ensuring that all configurations align across different platforms for optimal performance.

Google Ads:

It evaluates campaign targeting, ad group structures, keyword approaches, bid management, and more to ensure your Google Ads account runs efficiently.


The analysis checks the objective and structure of campaigns, ad set targeting, url tags, campaign status, budget strategies, and more within your Meta account.

Google Analytics Checks:

Beyond merely reviewing property settings, it ensures the proper tracking code is in place, goals are appropriately set, e-commerce tracking is intact, and much more.

Why is it a game changer for businesses?

Why is it a game-changer for businesses? The innovative tool allows businesses to swiftly pinpoint and rectify account setup and campaign issues, ensuring harmony and optimal performance across all ad platforms. This not only guarantees consistency but also brings in time efficiency by automating the health monitoring process. Consequently, businesses can divert their attention to other pivotal aspects, confident that their campaigns are running seamlessly. With careful attention to set up, campaigns run smoothly and effectively, ultimately leading to a higher return on investment.

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