AI Roll Out Across Industries


Remember this comic from the past?

1710500173196 (267×448)

Artificial Intelligence projects were there, even couple of decades ago. They started as an academic curiosity, now AI is in our daily life.

AI is in our smartphones, with features like predictive text and facial recognition. Remember when we had to type every word and unlock our phones with a passcode? Now, our phones anticipate our every need and can recognize us just by looking at our faces. In the realm of customer service, AI chatbots have become the unsung heroes (or villains, depending on who you ask) of online shopping. They're there 24/7, ready to answer our questions, no matter how absurd. Let's not forget about the health sector, where AI is doing some truly mind-blowing stuff. From predicting diseases before they happen (take that, crystal balls) to personalizing treatment plans, AI is on the verge of revolutionizing the field.

Advancements in AI is as fast as it has ever been now! Of course there are many people who are concerned about the job security with the benefits of emerging technologies. Even though we are not 100% certain right now how and when it is going to completely change the job definitions, we know for a fact that it will create new opportunities as well.

Consider the graph below:

1710500633786 (1199×675)

This graph is an example how AI technologies can bring incremental value to the relevant industries. If you work for an e-commerce giant, AI can help you optimize your ads and save you millions and millions every month. So it would be very wise for you to invest in an AI project. However if you own a bakery with a modest revenue, you may not want to invest millions of dollars in an AI project, right?

This was the actual case, in olden times (couple of years ago). Now, we have many many different use cases for different AI tools that may come at a very modest investment but bring in additional revenue. Thus, leading to new opportunities, new job definitions, new freelancing areas, new jobs etc. In the past, if you contacted your favorite software development company to ask for an AI project, you would be shocked to see the price tag. Now maybe you can developer your custom AI solution with a couple of thousand dollars.

We will see the overall effect of AI in the relevant industries and socio economic structure of our society in 10+ years. In the meantime, you will need to adapt and improve your skills and make peace with machine learning, data science and deep learning.

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