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Get optimization recommendations for all digital marketing platforms in less than 5 minutes.

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What is Orphex?

Orphex is an advanced digital marketing and user behavior analytics platform that simplifies disorganized data into actionable insights and recommendations.

Seamlessly integrates with multiple advertising and analytics platforms, navigate investments to drive growth and advertising efficiency, detect inefficient ads, streamline operations by using AI and ML algorithms.

Quick Integration with Your Favorite Tools

Integrate your data from various platforms quickly and easily, making it ready for analysis.

Everything You Need in in a Single Dashboard!

View all your marketing measurements in a single, dynamic dashboard. Centralize your data for increased clarity, efficient reporting, and insightful decisions that drive success.

Powerful Growth Solutions


Receive precise, actionable recommendations crafted from complex data across multiple platforms. Simplifying decision-making and boosting effectiveness.

Budget Allocation

Gain a clear, unified view of your campaign spending and insights on where to reallocate your budget for optimal performance.

Creative Dashboard

By offering a unified, data-backed lens into the performance of your creatives across platforms, this analysis eliminates guesswork and empowers decision-making.

User Analyses

Enhance user experience and boost conversions with detailed analyses on engagement metrics, conversion paths, funnel analysis, and heatmap.

Product Analyses

Get insights on sales and traffic for products and categories, see how pricing and promotions affect sales, and analyze user behavior to optimize performance.


Don't be caught off guard by sudden changes in your digital marketing campaigns. Get real-time notifications when there is a significant change in your campaigns.

What Our

Clients Say

"With Orphex, we can extract insights from our large data pool without difficulty and optimize all our processes accordingly."

Şeyma Demir
Digital Channels Business Development Executive

"Orphex provides actionable recommendations for every stage of the customer journey, across all marketing processes handled by different teams. Now, on one platform, we see the whole picture, eliminating siloed unsighted decision-making."

Arda Genç
Chief Digital Officer

"Orphex allows everyone on our team to work towards the same high level goals rather than in silos. The best part for us is the time savings it created for campaign optimization and eliminated the need for additional headcount. Now, even junior people on the team can optimize campaigns with the same level of know-how of someone with a couple years more experience."

Başak Bitlislioğlu
VP Performance Marketing

"The team at Edenred was in search of a solution adept at handling our complexities, one that could meet our precise needs. Orphex fulfilled this need perfectly. Gone are the days of struggling with multiple platforms. Orphex has saved us an invaluable amount of time by centralising our paid marketing insights. It's not just about time saved; it's also about significant financial savings. At Edenred, with Orphex, we start every day with a clear advantage."

Zeynep Ege Dura
Head Of Marketing

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