Whether you're scaling an e-commerce brand, managing enterprise-level challenges or providing high-end agency services, arm yourself with the data-driven intelligence to thrive in the digital landscape.


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Drive Strategic Growth with Comprehensive Insights

Understand market trends, consumer behavior, and operational efficiencies at a glance.

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Holistic Business Analysis

Gain a bird’s eye view of your business’s performance across all marketing channels. Understand how different aspects of your business contribute to your overall success.

Resource Allocation Optimization

Ensure resources are used most effectively by analyzing performance data across your entire operation. Identify areas of inefficiency and reallocate resources to drive growth.

Strategic Decision Support

Make decisions backed by data with comprehensive analyses. From market trends to consumer behavior, get the insights you need to lead your business forward confidently.

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Budget Allocation

Get a unified view of campaigns covering all integrated platforms. Our holistic approach combines panel metrics and analytics metrics, providing a comprehensive evaluation landscape.

Swiftly scan ad accounts to retrieve metrics like spend, return, and ROAS for your chosen date range.

Gain insights on where to increase investment for high ROI and where to reduce campaign budgets for underperformers.

User Analyses

Gain valuable insights by examining user behaviour and preferences with our analytics using advanced ML techniques.

Determine which user characteristics have the most significant impact on conversions and develop targeted and effective marketing strategies with User Analyses.

Recommendation Table

See clear, data-driven recommendations for optimising your strategies for better results in the recommendation table in order of importance.

Assign the insights from the recommendations to the team with our Kanban Board and monitor their implementation.

"Amidst loss in siloed platforms, fragmented data, and blind spots; Orphex brings cross-platform visibility. Now, on one platform, we see the whole picture, eliminating siloed unsighted decision-making. Orphex provides actionable recommendations for every stage of the customer journey, across all marketing processes handled by different teams. With Orphex empowering every stakeholder to make data-driven decisions, we now manage digital marketing holistically."

Arda Genç
Chief Digital Officer

"The team at Edenred was in search of a solution adept at handling our complexities, one that could meet our precise needs. Orphex fulfilled this need perfectly. Gone are the days of juggling multiple platforms; Orphex has centralized our analytics, saving us an invaluable amount of time. It’s not just about the time saved; it's about the substantial financial savings too. At Edenred, we start each day with a clear advantage with Orphex."

Zeynep Ege Dura
Head Of Marketing

Drive results with clear insights!

Save time, make better decisions and scale your campaigns faster.